Promotional Services for Authors

Services for Authors

I can create a package to meet your specific needs & budget. Books must be books I am comfortable promoting and think will be well received by the bloggers & readers I work with.  This includes clean romance, young adult & new adult books that don’t push the limits too far, children’s books, and other family friendly titles.  If your book falls into a different genre that what I usually feature please contact me so we can discuss if I am a good match for your book.


A Blast is designed to get your book in front of lots of people.  It helps builds your social media followings (twitter, goodreads, pinterest etc).  Your book information gets posted on multiple blogs over the course of a couple days. Included is an amazon gift card giveaway that encourages people to add your book to their goodreads shelf, follow your twitter, add your book to their amazon wishlist, etc.  Exposure is what a blast is all about, don’t expect to see a dramatic sales increase.  This is simply a tool to gain exposure for you and your book.

The price of the blast includes the gift card or paypal cash that is given away.


Blog Tours
A Blog Tour consists mainly of book reviews, spotlight posts and a few author interview, guest posts, tens lists, etc.  The length of the tour and number of stops each day depends on which tour package you choose.  Tours typcially run about 2 weeks.  To have the book reviewed you must have ebook copies available or be willing to ship printed copies.  I suggest ebook copies due to the high cost of shipping and printing.

If you have specific things you want or don’t want on your tour be sure to let me know before you book your tour. Bloggers are given the choice on what type of post they would like to do. I have had tours with just 2 or 3 reviews and other tours with over 50 reviews. I never guarantee a set number of reviews, only the number of tour stops. Many of the larger blogs I work with won’t have time to do a review but would still be willing to feature you & your book by doing an interview, guest post or spotlight.

The Price of your tour depends on how many stops you want.

All Tour Prices INCLUDE a shared $25 Rafflecopter giveaway to help build your social media followings and to help get your book added to Amazon wishlists & Goodreads’ Shelves.

I always book extra stops on each tour to ensure you receive at least the number of stops quoted below. Most bloggers do this as a hobby.  There will be posts that go up late or never go up at all. If I am unable to fill your tour completely I will refund you the difference between what you paid for and what I delivered.


Review Service

Are you looking for more reviews for your book? I have a service for you. These are reviews provided by readers who accept an ebook in exchange for an honest review.

I only select books for my review service campaigns that I feel will be very well received by the readers who subscribe to my sites. Cover is HUGE. I can’t promote a book on this site unless it is packaged in a fabulous, professional looking cover. Genre is also important, certain genres do much better than others (young adult and clean romance do the best).

Unlike many review services those accepting books for review through this site are actual readers. They are not being paid for their reviews. They are blog readers and book lovers who trust my recommendation that the books I am providing are worth reading and taking the time to review. There is a fee for this service that is similar to what I charge to set up a blog tour.

Readers win because they receive a great ebook for free in exchange for that review. As an author you win because you will actually get honest reviews posted by readers who have actually read your book.  I cannot guarantee that all reviews will be favorable but do strive to match books with the right readers.


Cover Reveals, Trailer Reveals, Promotional Notifications, etc.  
HTML for a post is created and then emailed out to my large database of bloggers & authors sharing the information and asking if they will post about it. I suggest you add a giveaway to make this effect and worth their time to post.


Note to Self Published Authors regarding blog tours, blasts & review services
More than half the authors I work with are self-published. Many of my favorite authors self-publish. Most of the work I have done for them has been very successful.
Please be sure you have a professional cover and be sure your book has been edited properly.
My reviewers will likely not be able to give you a good review and it will be a waste of your time & money if your book is not well written and if it is not packaged in a cover that will sell.  If your books has been reviewed, critiqued, revised and properly edited then I would be happy to discuss setting up a blog tour, blast or review campaign for you. I cannot however guarantee reviewers will like your book or be able to give it a good review.


For Pricing please see my Pricing Page:

Payment must be received in full prior to start of the event.

*Please note – Tours and Blasts are great for gaining exposure for your book by getting it out there in front of a lot of people but there is no guarantee that your sales will increase.  There are many factors that play into why a book sells or doesn’t – price, cover, genre, etc.  What works for one book may not work for the next book.