Book Review: Before It’s Love by Michelle Pennington

Title: Before It’s Love Author: Michelle Pennington Release Date: May 14, 2017 Book Summary: “Just Friends” was harder than they thought. Moving to Arkansas is hard for Lauren, but it’s worth it to be near her boyfriend and pursue her art degree. That is, until she meets Jake, the guy her roommate is in love […]

Book Review: Romancing Daphne + Blog Tour Giveaway

Title: Romancing Daphne Author: Sarah M Eden Series: The Lancaster Family Publisher: Covenant Communications Release Date: June 21, 2017 Book Summary: As her first London Season looms before her, the thought of the impending social whirl fills Daphne Lancaster’s timid heart with dread. She hasn’t her sisters beauty nor their talent for conversing easily. Even […]

Book Review: Chance for Home by Traci Hunter Abramson + Giveaway

Title: Chance for Home Author: Traci Hunter Abramson Publisher: Covenant Comunications Release Date: Apr 5, 2017 Book Summary: Beautiful pre-med student Kari Evans believes she’s found the man of her dreams—right up until the moment she discovers he’s a two-timing cheat. Desperately gathering the pieces of her broken heart, she realizes that what she needs […]

Book Review: Miss Whitaker Opens Her Heart by Jennifer Moore

Title: Miss Whitaker Opens Her Heart Author: Jennifer Moore Publisher: Covenant Communications Release Date: April 2017 Book Summary: As a young child bound for a strange country, Sarah Whitaker dreamed of life with her father on his sprawling Australian ranch. But her hopes were shattered when she learned of his death and of her new role […]

Book Review: Condemn Me Not by Heather B. Moore

Title: Condemn Me Not: Accused of Witchcraft Author: Heather B. Moore Publisher: Mirror Press Release Date: Mar 14, 2017 Book Summary: “This woman was one of the most impudent, scurrilous, wicked creatures of this world; and she did now throughout her whole trial discover herself to be such a one. Yet when she was asked […]

Book Review: Falling for Maria by Heather B. Moore

Title: Falling for Maria Author: Heather B. Moore Series: Falling for… Publisher: Mirror Press Release Date: Feb 7, 2017 Book Summary: From USA Today bestselling author Heather B. Moore: FALLING FOR MARIA At twenty-six, Maria is holding out for the perfect man to share the rest of her life with. Josh seems to be that […]

Book Review: Lake Town by Jane Redd

Title: Lake Town Author: Jane Redd Series: Solstice Publisher: Mirror Press Release Date: Mar 1, 2017 Book Summary: Jezebel James is on the run after her true abilities are discovered by the Legislature, and the only one who can protect her is Sol. In order to survive, Sol sends her into an underground hideout where […]

Book Review: The Disenchanted One by Cami Checketts

Title: The Disenchanted One Author: Cami Checketts Series: A Billionaire Bride Pact Romance Publisher: Birch River Publishing Release Date: Jan 3, 2017 Book Summary: Marissa Yates fell in love with Byron Judd three years ago, but she caught him holding another woman and she ran. She’s built a great life for herself and has kept […]

Book Review: The Daring One by Cami Checketts

Title: The Daring One Author: Cami Checketts Series: A Billionaire Bride Pact Romance Publisher: Birch River Publishing Release Date: Jan 2, 2017 Book Summary: Summer Anderson has the perfect life—designing toys and traveling the world—until the venture capitalist company, Mumford’s Sons, helps her dad sell his toy company to the highest bidder. Summer loses her […]

Book Review: Broken Things to Mend by Karey White

Title: Broken Things to Mend Author: Karey White Series: Power of the Matchmaker Publisher: Orange Door Press Release Date: Jan 1, 2016 Book Summary: Celia is in desperate need of a change–a change of scenery, a change of pace, and a complete redo of all relationships. Not knowing what else to do, she opens a […]