Tail Lights by Connie L. Smith – Author Interview

Tail Lights by Connie L. Smith Preston and Nick endured the breakup of all breakups when Nick accused her of cheating on him. He insisted, and she denied while the rain pounded against her driveway and thunder roared in the distance. Then they both ran – Preston to a life of Rock and Roll, and […]

The Wolf Chronicles by Dorothy Hearst – Interview & Giveaway

AMAZON     Author Dorothy Hearst Before the wolves barged in the door, demanding that their story be told, Dorothy Hearst was a senior editor at Jossey-Bass, where she published books for nonprofit, public, and social change leaders. She currently lives, writes, and plays with dogs in Berkeley, California. Spirit of the Wolves, the third […]

An Uncommon Blue by R.C. Hancock – Author Interview

  An Uncommon Blue by R.C. Hancock In a society where the color of a person’s palm determines their social class, Bruno goes from favored to fugitive when he kills a Royal Guard to save a boy’s life. If he wants to survive, Bruno has to learn to accept the lower colors. A thrilling blend […]

Deceived by Kathi Oram Peterson – Author Interview & Blog Tour Giveaway

Deceived by Kathi Oram Peterson A storm rages outside the unassuming Los Angeles house, while within, something sinister lurks. A murderer stalks his victim, unaware of a witness to the horrific crime: awakened from a deep, drug-induced slumber, Tara Kelly hears voices in the next room. Struggling to focus through her sleep medication, the young […]

Lady Emma’s Campaign by Jennifer Moore – Interview & Blog Tour Giveaway

 Lady Emma’s Campaign by Jennifer Moore She would follow him through peace and war. London, 1811 The London Season is ushered in with a thrilling flurry of invitations, gowns, and parties. But despite her status as belle of the ball, lovely socialite Emma Drake simply cannot fathom becoming entangled with any gentleman of her acquaintance. […]

Author Interview: Bad Guys of the Bible by Dennis Gaunt

Bad Guys of the Bible by Dennis Gaunt These bad guys are smart. You can be smarter. This entertaining book shows how knowing the enemy can help you be a righteous warrior in your own life. Any discussion of bad guys has to begin with “in the beginning.” From Genesis to Revelation, you’ll get the […]

Author Interview – Her Mistletoe Cowboy by Alissa Callen

  Her Mistletoe Cowboy Corporate analyst, Ivy Bishop, intends spending Christmas holed up in an isolated Montana ranch house with only an abandoned puppy for company. When the festive season ends her broken heart might just have had just enough time to heal. Ex-rodeo rider, Rhett Dixon, has put his playing days behind him. He […]

Nicholas Sparks Interview from the set of #TheBestofMe

    Find The Best of Me on Facebook * Instagram * Tumblr * Twitter * Pinterest * YouTube Back in May I had the chance to spend a day on the set of The Best of Me.  Thanks to Relativity Media I was flown to New Orleans and spent a day with a group of bloggers watching them film and interviewing the main cast […]

My Tethered Soul by Dorothy Dreyer – Blog Tour Author Interview & Giveaway

      My Tethered Soul (Reaper’s Rite #2) by Dorothy Dreyer It’s been months since Zadie faced her sister’s Reaper, months during which she’s been under her mentor’s magical protection. But now that she’s turning seventeen, that protection is about to run out. When dark forces lure Zadie to wander at night, she’s manipulated into […]

Author Interview & Book Giveaway – Willow Springs by Carolyn Steele

      Willow Springs Crissa Engleson, an immigrant from Sweden, fled Boston hoping to start a new life, unknown and unencumbered, in the West. The quiet Pony Express town of Willow Springs in the Utah desert seemed the perfect spot until the intrigue of her past and rivalries of the town’s leading families envelope […]