Blast & Tour Pricing

Authors – For Blog Tours, Blasts & Review Services books must be “family friendly” (mild PG-13 at most) & be books I am comfortable promoting and think will be well received.

I get the best results with Young Adult and clean romance titles but am willing to set up tours for other genres.

I am very selective in books I choose for Review Services.

Blasts can be done for just about any book with a family friendly cover that is PG-13 or cleaner.

Blog tours can be done for most books as long as they have a great cover and are properly edited.


Bloggers – Obviously there is no charge to be part of one of my tours or blasts.  You simply put up a post on your site on the assigned day.  No blog requirements other than being a dependable blogger who will actually post if you sign up.  You will receive a free ebook review copy if you want to review the book on tour or you can simply put up a spotlight post along with the shared giveaway.


Readers – If you don’t have a blog but love to read then hop on over to my eBooksforReview site where you can get FREE ebooks in exchange for an honest review.


For a description of each service I provide please visit my Information for Author’s Page.


Blast Pricing (Price includes the $50 or $100 Gift Card Giveaway)

$155 Blast

Price INCLUDES $100 Gift Card + $55 set up fee
Guaranteed to have your blast post appear on 40-45 Blogs

$99 Blast

Price INCLUDES $50 Gift Card + $49 set up fee
Guaranteed to  have your blast post appear on 25-30 Blogs


Tour Pricing (price includes a $25 Gift Card Giveaway)

$200 – 35 Stops
$175 – 30 Stops
$150 – 25 Stops
$125 – 20 Stops
$100 – 15 Stops



Combination Blast + Tour Pricing (Price includes $75 in Giveaways)


$275 Blast & Tour
35 Stop Blog Tour + $50 Blast  (60 Blogs total)

$250 Blast & Tour
30 Stop Blog Tour + $50 Blast (55 Blogs total)

$225 Blast & Tour
25 Stop Blog Tour + $50 Blast (50 Blogs total)

$200 Blast & Tour
20 Stop Blog Tour + $50 Blast (45 Blogs total)

Larger tours/blast are available for established authors writing clean romance & young adult.
Upgrade to a $100 Blast giveaway for $50 more. 


Review Services

These are reviews provided by readers who accept an ebook in exchange for an honest review from my site  I encourage readers to post their review in 2 places preferably Amazon & Goodreads but they may be posted on other sites such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, LibraryThing, Shelfari, a blog, etc.

Price – $125

I expect to return a minimum of 20 reviews. If I do not return at least 20 reviews I refund $25. The number of reviews returned varies greatly depending on the author, cover and genre. If you get more than 20 reviews that is a bonus for you and there is no additional charge. Clean romance and young adult titles do very well and often return 50+ reviews.

I can provide you links to all reviews that are posted.


On a tight budget?

For just $10 you can help sponsor a group giveaway.


*For reviews – You must have ebook copies available to have your book reviewed.  I don’t recommend shipping out print copies unless you have a large advertising budget or a publisher who will ship them for you.

*I can only promote books that fit my family friendly criteria.  There are lots of other sites who that set up blog tours. I encourage you to shop around before purchasing a tour, blast or review service.  What works well for one book may not work well for another.