As the title of my blog clearly states I am a reader, not a writer. I love to read. I do not love to write. I hate spoilers and find it nearly impossible to write a long review of a book without giving away too much of the story. Reviews on this blog will be simple and straightforward.

Most reviews will be about books but you will find an occasional movie or product review as well. I am a Top 500 Amazon Reviewer and occasionally post non book related reviews on this blog.

Included will be a few of my thoughts on the book, whether there is any content parents & conservative readers might find objectionable and a rating based simply on how well I liked the book.

Rather than spending forever writing more elaborate reviews you will find me curled up with a good book. At least I hope it is a good book!

About Me:
I’m a Stay at Home mom who loves to read. I have an elementary education degree from BYU. Children’s Literature was my favorite class.

I read from a variety of genres but favor fairy tale retellings, fantasy and clean romance & young adult books.
I try to read books that are clean & uplifting.

Books should come with content ratings since I hate having to put a book down due to graphic content or strong language so I include content information for readers.