Book Review: The Fearless Groom by Cami Checketts

Title: The Fearless Groom

Author: Cami Checketts

Series: Texas Titan Romances (Stands Alone)

Published: October 6, 2017

Page Length: 176 pages

Book Summary:

A bachelor auction, a hot football player, and the right woman to bring him to his knees.

Izzy Knight walked away from her father’s billions and his Titans football team to become a nurse practitioner at a children’s hospital. She’s busy and accomplished and certainly has no room in her life for a larger-than-life football player who goes through women faster than she completes a shift at the hospital.

Xavier Newton loves football but hates the games that go along with it. When the owner of the Titans forces him and his buddies to be sold like cattle at a bachelor auction he barely endures the event, until a feisty brunette bids half a million dollars for him. He’s completely drawn to Izzy, but when he finds out her father is the owner of the Titans sparks fly and everybody’s loyalties are challenged.

Can these two find love when they don’t know who’s waiting to tackle them from the blindside?

A typical night at my house… Kids are finally in bed or at least quiet and semi-settled down. We climb into bed and my husband turns on something on Netflix and I open a book. Soon husband is snoring and I should turn out my light but don’t because I’m in the middle of a good book and don’t want to stop. I stay up way too late reading because my Kindle says I only have 1 hours left in the book.

These Texas Titan Romances are the cause of too little sleep on too many nights. They are the perfect one sitting read and can be read by me in about 3 hours. They send my total books read in 2018 count sky high because I sacrifice sleep to finish them.

The Fearless Groom has a great mix of fun-to-read story elements. Cami created an independent heroine and paired her with a compassionate, confident hero giving us a fast-paced page-turning tale. I love the crossover that happens in these stand-alone books as it’s always fun to see characters I love from other books make an appearance.

Rating: 4.5 Stars – Highly Recommend

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Content: Clean

2018: #25


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