Book Review: The Daring One by Cami Checketts

Title: The Daring One

Author: Cami Checketts

Series: Billionaire Bride Pact (Stands Alone)

Published: January 2, 2017

Page Length: 162 Pages

Book Summary:

Summer Anderson has the perfect life—designing toys and traveling the world—until the venture capitalist company, Mumford’s Sons, helps her dad sell his toy company to the highest bidder. Summer loses her designs, her job, and her lifestyle, and is forced to work for a friend in Crested Butte, Colorado.
Chance Judd, owner of Mumford’s Sons, takes a mountain biking trip to Crested Butte and accidentally runs Summer off a running trail. He asks her out repeatedly, but she always has a sarcastic response ready for him. When he finally convinces her to go to dinner, he realizes that he is partly responsible for her losing her job and designs, and knows she’ll hate him if she finds out the truth. He has no choice—he lies.
But how long can a secret this big stay hidden and will Summer ever forgive him when she finds out the truth?


So much great banter and snark in this one. It made me laugh therefore I loved it. Just a nice quick escape that left me smiling. That’s a win in my book. Summer sense of humor resonated with me and I found her hilarious.

I’ve enjoyed this Billionaire Bride Pact series. The Daring One is a great addition and one of my favorites!


Rating: 5 Stars

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Content: Clean

2018: #33

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