Book Review: Not Actually Engaged by Jan Hinds

Title: Not Actually Engaged

Author: Jan Hinds

Series: Otherwise Engaged #1 (Stands Alone)

Published: April 22, 2016

Page Length: 362 Pages


Book Summary:

Paige Vaughn needs a better paying job and a cheaper place to live if she hopes to finish her college degree in interior design.
Cooper Jennings, dealing with multiple surgeries after a career ending injury, needs a Personal Assistant to get his design business up and running. He also needs a fake girlfriend to convince his parents he won’t need to burden them with his care after his next surgery. His perfect plan disintegrates when their families assume he and Paige are engaged.

I honestly did like this one. I made it through all 362 pages in a very short time period. This had so much potential and I liked the characters and the storyline. It kept me interested throughout which is a big win for me because I rarely finish books I don’t love. I liked these characters and wanted to find out what happened to them.

So why only 3 stars? This book was all over the place. Lots of crazy unbelievable things happened. It kept me turning the pages but it was ultimately not a believable storyline.

I don’t regret taking the time to read this one. I did like it and would try another book by this author.

Rating: 3 Stars – Worth Reading

Source: Kindle Ebook Purchase

Content: Clean

2018: #31

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