Book Review: Falling for the Beast by Victorine E. Lieske

Title: Falling for the Beast

Author: Victorine E. Lieske

Published: March 10, 2017

Page Length: 205 Pages


Book Summary:

Aribelle is backed into the position of cleaning house for the horrible Mr. Thaddeus Walker. Not only is he rude, he’s dangerously secretive, going out at night and coming home with injuries which seem to heal mysteriously fast. She should be keeping her distance, not trying to break down his barriers. But the more she uncovers, the more attracted she becomes until the cost of exposing his secrets fades behind the risk of losing her heart.

Thaddeus knows he should have sent the girl away instead of allowing her into his home. Now she’s asking questions he can’t answer. And the more time they spend together, the more he wishes he could pull her close and kiss her. But he can’t afford to do that. Beautiful Aribelle could never love a beast.

Falling for the Beast is a sweet romance.


Once again I really enjoyed one of Victorine’s books. I’ve not yet been disappointed by anything I’ve read from her.

Falling for the Beast is a modern day Beauty and the Beast Retelling with a paranormal twist to it.  I really liked it! About halfway through the story reached the end of its predictability and took a few turns I wasn’t expecting. While there were plenty of parallels with the original story there was also enough originality to keep me turning the pages.

If you enjoy fairytale retellings then don’t miss this one!

Rating: 4 Stars – Great book!

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Content: Clean (just kissing)

2018: Book #12


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