Book Review: Delay of Game by Lucy McConnell

Title: Delay of Game

Author: Lucy McConnell

Series: Dating Mr. Baseball (Companion Novel)

Published: March 22, 2017

Page Length: 109 Pages


Book Summary:

Physical therapist Elise Smith lands her dream job with the St. George Redrocks. She loves baseball and knows each player on sight before her first day of work. With the team in turmoil after the owner hires a new manager, Elise works hard to make a good impression and follow all the rules. But there’s something about relief pitcher Blake Rygs that leaves her light headed and impairs her judgment. When they are caught kissing in the physical therapy room, Elise is placed on probation. If she can’t stay away from Blake, she could lose her job. The only problem is that Blake is everywhere and it doesn’t take long before he’s worked his way into her family’s hearts by loading groceries, crashing birthday parties, and changing flat tires. The more she learns about Blake the harder it is to stick to the “no dating” rule. Can she walk away from the career she’s always dreamed of to have the man of her dreams or will the rule be a permanent delay of game?

Don’t miss this sweet companion novella to The Athletic Groom by Lucy McConnell.

I loved Lucy’s Billionaire Marriage Broker series. This is a companion novel to the book The Athletic Groom. It can be read as a stand-alone but I think I liked it so much because I got to revisit characters I loved from The Athletic Groom. The books take place at the same time so you get to see Elise & Blake’s version of what is going on.

This one starts off with a relationship built solely on attraction. Basically, they look at each other, touch and are making out in no time. Typically I prefer stories where there is some relationship development before characters are making out but the circumstances and consequences worked for me.

This is a quick one sitting read that is full of wonderfully likable characters. Good clean fluffy fun.

Rating: 4 Stars – Great Book

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Content: Clean – kissing & a couple comments that while not intended as innuendo sounded like it

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