Book Review: Candy Cane Wishes by Leah Atwood

Title: Candy Cane Wishes

Author: Leah Atwood

Page Length: 101 Pages

Published: December 4, 2017


Book Summary:


From a USA Today Bestseller, comes an inspirational Christmas novella to warm your heart.

Every Christmas season, Zoe Daniels distributed candy canes with inspiring messages around the town of Nativity, Maryland. She understood the pain holidays could bring, had experienced it herself, and the candy cane wishes were her way of spreading joy to those who needed it. No one knew she was behind the wishes and that’s how she wanted it to stay.

When Donovan Byrne caught Zoe in the act of leaving the famous candy cane wishes, he confronted her to get the inside scoop on her motives rather than publicly disclose her identity. To his surprise, he soon found himself assisting her with her mission.

This Christmas will their own wishes be answered as they deliver wishes to others?

Fans of Hallmark movies and all Inspirational romance will enjoy this tale of two people leaning on faith and spreading joy to find their peace this Christmas.

I had a 2-hour car ride today and opted to listen to this book while driving. My Kindle Fire’s text to voice feature came in handy today. (I love this feature).

Candy Cane Wishes is a 100-page novella set at Christmas time. It is an inspirational romance but it’s not preachy. There are a few scriptures and a little talk of Christ but it’s not over the top. The characters are likable but the climax and resolution were just a little too predictable and wrapped up too quickly. That said this is a really sweet story that I do not regret taking the time to read. Very much like a Hallmark movie (just not as in-depth due to its short length).

Rating 3.5 Stars – Good book

Content: Squeaky Clean

Source: Downloaded while free, available on Kindle Unlimited

2018: 2nd book finished this year! Helps that this was a novella!

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