2018 Reading Resolutions – What are yours?


My reading resolutions for this year are simple.

  • Read at least 100 books. I’m hoping for double that!
  • Write reviews as soon as I finish reading (within 48 hours if possible)
  • Actually post those review on my blog
  • Branch out and read books out of my usual genres

How about you what are your reading goals & resolutions for 2018?


  1. I need to post reviews soon after I read them — I’ve gotten into a bad habit of waiting and they’re just not as good the longer I wait. I hope to read about 75 books this year. I’m cutting down to focus on other creative pursuits. Good luck with your goals!

    • Inspired Kathy says:

      It has been a couple years or longer since I actually wrote reviews and posted them here. I sometimes write reviews on Goodreads but have not been cross posting most of them here. I’m off to a good start and planning to keep it up all year!

  2. Great resolutions/goals. Some of mine are to work on finishing up series that I’ve started and to limit my review/netgalley requests.

    • Inspired Kathy says:

      I am so bad at netgalley requests! There is no possible way I can read even a fraction of what I request but it’s so hard for me to not click that button to request a title.

  3. Really hope you manage to achieve your goals!!!

  4. mom2mandj says:

    I read 102 books in 2017 and reviewed about half of them. In 2018, I’m hoping for 105 read and 70% reviewed.

    • Inspired Kathy says:

      I only reviewed a couple of the 159 books I read last year. I’ve posted more reviews this week than I did all year last year.

  5. We share some similar goals. Good luck on your reading journey in 2018!

  6. I also need to write my reviews soon after finishing. I am bad about letting them pile up!

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