Available for Review: Love’s Bloom by Rosemary Danielis

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Love’s Bloom by Rosemary Danielis

Can Marigold convince Mace that life’s about more than just money?

Mace Winthrop has a plan. He’ll swoop into small-town Heartland Cove, persuade the unsuspecting farmers to sell him their land and – boo-yah – be on his way up the ProFarma corporate ladder in no time. Nothing matters more than money…or so he thinks.

Marigold Matthews has a dream – she’ll transform the family farm into an organic paradise and marry Walter, her high school sweetheart. But when Mace shows up in all his six-foot-four, blond-haired, muscled glory, he threatens to disrupt not only her town and way of life…he makes her questions the very depths of her heart.