Picture Book Review: A Little Christmas Tree

Title: A Little Christmas Tree
Authors: Anthony Merrill & Michael Bast
Illustrator: Dan Burr
Published: September 19, 2017

Book Summary:

The new classic, A Little Christmas Tree, is the story of a small Scotch Pine whose greatest wish is to be a family’s Christmas tree.
Year after year, Little Tree is passed over. He wonders why no one will choose him. His wise mother encourages him to be patient and reminds him he will bring the true meaning of Christmas into a family’s home.
Finally, the day comes. He is chosen and heads down into town. But the road is perilous. When Little Tree’s beautiful branch snaps in an accident, his path is forever altered.
Will anyone choose a broken Christmas tree to bring into their home?
What Little Tree doesn’t realize is that there is a much grander plan for him.

This was a very pleasant surprise. I’m pretty picky with picture books. The text has to be easy to read and flow nicely when being read aloud and the pictures have to be ones I enjoy looking at. And then the story has to be one I would be willing to reread. This book met all those requirements.
For those who have a tradition of reading and giving away new books at Christmas this would be a great pick. A great story that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas.

The kindle edition of this book is available on Amazon. The print is available at alittlechristmastree.com