Crazy Links, Malware and Consolidation

My apologies to anyone who came across some crazy links on my site during the past week. There was malware on my site in the form of a PHP injector which was causing random links to appear in random posts. Because it was only showing up occasionally it took a while to track down the problem. I changed passwords, submit my site to Google to review (they said it was clean), and contacted my hosting company twice before they found the problem.

Fingers crossed that it has all been cleaned and my site is now back to working correctly. All the scans done by my hosting company and SiteLock show that this site is now clean.

As a result of that malware I am consolidating my websites. I no longer have the need to have so many sites so rather than worry about future attacks through an outdated plugin, password or unsecured site I have decided to move everything back here to iamareader.

At one point I was actively running bookblasttours, ebooksforreview and feedyourreader. I’m closing those sites down. I had already stopped using bookblasttours, rarely posted to feedyourreader and was only offering a couple books each month on ebooksforreivew. From here on out everything I post will be here on this site.

Thanks for understanding!


  1. That’s terrible! I hadn’t seen anything, but am glad you got it all straightened out.