Book Review: Montana Promise by Caroline Fyffe

Title: Montana Promise
Author: Caroline Fyffe
Series: McCutcheon Family
Publisher: Amazon
Release Date: Nov 7, 2017

Book Summary:

Montana Territory, 1887
Luke McCutcheon and his twelve-year-old son set out to attend a family friend’s wedding, hoping for some rest and relaxation. After arriving in the tiny mountain settlement of Priest’s Crossing, Luke becomes the prime suspect of a horrific murder and Francis, the loyal ranch hand from the Heart of the Mountains, rides to his rescue when he hears the news. Revealing the truth and standing up to a whole town isn’t easy and could get the young cowboy killed, but Francis would do anything to clear the McCutcheon name.

As Francis sets out to expose the real killer, he butts heads with Ashley Adair, the town’s pretty schoolteacher. Ashley thinks Francis is as bad as the man she believes to be a murderer, but soon she begins to see the true Francis, and Luke too. As much as she wants to trust Francis, others in town scheme with deadly intent to keep them apart. Will the truth be revealed before it’s too late?

MONTANA PROMISE continues the award-winning McCutcheon Family saga in a heartfelt western historical romance by USA Today Bestselling author Caroline Fyffe.

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Watch for more McCutcheon Family novels to come…


I truly enjoyed this new addition to the McCutcheon Family Series. It was great to have Luke as a main character again since he was the first McCucheon we got to know. While I loved being reacquainted with characters from past books, this story stands alone well too. Francis, the young ranch hand and adopted member of the McCutcheon family was the hero this time. With most of the other family members out of town, Francis was the first on the scene when Luke found himself wrongly accused. Francis lead the other ranch hands as they tirelessly looked for proof that Luke was innocent. Along the way Francis got to know Ashley Adair. Together they looked for truth and faced danger head on. They also found feelings they didn’t know existed. A story of life, death, and love.


Rating: 4 stars – Great book!

Content: clean, a few swear words

Source: ebook for review

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