Movie Review: Carthage


While seething mobs converged around them, the Prophet Joseph and his brethren quietly submitted themselves to imprisonment in Carthage Jail. Now, as never before, audiences are invited to witness the events of the days preceding the martyrdom. Based on documents handed down through the generations, Carthage offers a glimpse into the turmoil and testimony of the men whose place in history was forever defined by what was to come—a jailer seeking to protect his charges, a governor caught between the persecuted and their persecutors, and a group of Saints whose faith and brotherhood stands as the ultimate witness of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This was both interesting and informative to watch. I’ve seen a couple different videos of Joseph Smith’s martyrdom. This one has a different feel and a contains a more in-depth account of the time the prophet and his associates spent in Carthage. Anyone who has been around the Mormon movie scene will recognize at least a couple of the actors in this film. Directed by Mormon movie veteran John Lyde you really can’t go wrong by taking an hour out of your day to watch this movie. Perfect for family home evening or a lazy Sunday afternoon. My husband and I both enjoyed this and it gave us something to talk about and discuss.