Book Review: Falling for a Duke (Timeless Regency Collection)

Title: Falling for a Duke
Authors: Rebecca Connolly, Nichole Van, and Janelle Daniels
Series: Timeless Regency Collection
Publisher: Mirror Press
Release Date: September 19, 2017

Book Summary:

From the publisher of the USA TODAY bestselling & #1 Amazon bestselling Timeless Romance Anthology series in Clean & Wholesome Romance, comes FALLING FOR A DUKE.

Three brand new Regency Romance novellas by Rebecca Connolly, Nichole Van, and Janelle Daniels

ON THE DUKE’S ERRAND by Rebecca Connolly. Lord David Chambers has one goal—to put his father’s Scotland estate to rights. Even if it means leaving in the middle of the London Season and avoiding the matchmakers. As the second son of a duke, David looks forward to facing the wilds of Scotland, and trying to make something of himself and prove his worth to his father. But David’s not prepared for the censure he receives from the local Scottish gentry, especially Ceana Shaw, the baronet’s daughter who not only mistakes him for the duke himself, she seems determined to think the worst of David.

VINGT-ET-UN | TWENTY-ONE by Nichole Van. Eliza Mail had found the perfect place to live out her days as a young widow, away from the pain of her past and lost love. Seemingly by chance, Eliza’s childhood neighbor, Liam Trebor, Duke of Chawton, comes to her village for a visit. Eliza hasn’t seen Liam in over five years, and his presence panics her. Will he reveal what he knows to her friends and neighbors, destroying her current life? Eliza must avoid Liam at all costs, but he seems equally determined to flush her out of hiding. What happens if Eliza’s past does not stay where it belongs . . . in her past?

I KISSED A DUKE by Janelle Daniels. Madeline Maybury will do anything to be invited into the inner circles of the ton. She takes on a challenge from a high society lady to kiss the Duke of Hargrave. When she finds Ethan alone and explains that she needs to kiss him, instead of turning her away, he’s amused. He also obliges. Madeline believes she can report back and achieve all of her ambitions. Instead, she’s given an even greater task. Once she accomplishes it, she realizes that the Duke of Hargrave is a very different man than she expected, and she’s in grave danger of falling in love.

I was very excited to read this book. I love the timeless collection books.

On the Duke’s Errand: This was a fun story. I loved the repartee between the main characters. This story was hard to put down. I enjoyed seeing the growth that both main characters experienced.
Rating: 4 stars
Content: clean – 1 swear word

Vingt-et-Un/Twenty-One: This story definitely had some surprises for me. I loved the main characters. Their story was a bit heartbreaking. I think the flashbacks really enriched the story and helped the present feel more poignant.
Rating: 4 stars
Content: Clean

I Kissed a Duke: I found the premise of this story quite intriguing and one I haven’t come across much if at all. I liked that novelty. And I loved the main characters, and I loved how the story turned out. I want to read more by this author.
Rating: 4.5 stars
Conent: Clean

Rating: 4 stars – Great Book
Content: Clean
Source: review copy

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