Guest Post – Cookiesaurus Rex by Amy Fellner Dominy & Nate Evans

Cookiesaurus Rex by Amy Fellner Dominy & Nate Evans

As soon as Cookiesaurus Rex comes out of the oven, he declares that he is King of All Cookies. He should be frosted before all of the standard-shaped cookies, in a nice bright green. But the other cookies are getting sprinkles, or shiny stars, or even gumdrops . . . WAIT ONE STINKIN’ STOMPIN’ MINUTE! Cookiesaurus wants a do-over. Problem is, he might not end up with the kind of “do” he wants. Readers will love the funny back-and-forth between this cheeky cookie and the hand that frosts him. See who gets his licks in at the end!

AMY FELLNER DOMINY is an author of teen and tween novels, including DIE FOR YOU, A MATTER OF HEART, AUDITION & SUBTRACTION, and OyMG, a Sydney Taylor Notable Book for Teens. Amy is a former advertising copywriter and earned an MFA in playwriting. Her plays for adults and children have been staged across the country. Amy lives with her family in Phoenix, AZ. Visit her online at or on Twitter at @amydominy.


NATE EVANS is the author or author-illustrator of more than forty children’s books, including PONYELLA with Laura Numeroff. His most recent picture book is BANG! BOOM ROAR! A Busy Crew of Dinosaurs. Before turning to his true love–children’s books–he was a greeting card artist. Nate is also a seventh grade English teacher and loves to share his passion for books with students. He lives in Gilbert, AZ. Visit him online at


AG FORD is a New York Times best-selling illustrator and the recipient of two NAACP Image Awards. He has published more than fifteen children’s books, with such authors as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Sharon Robinson, Ilyasah Shabazz, Martin Luther King III, Nick Cannon, Jonah Winter, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He lives in Frisco, TX.  Visit him out online at or on Twitter @AGFordArt.



Guest Post

How to Bake Your Own Cookiesaurus Rex


By Amy Fellner Dominy & Nate Evans


Hi! This is Amy and Nate, and we’re so excited to introduce you to our new picture book, Cookiesaurus Rex. Cookiesaurus is a little cookie with a big attitude. When he comes out of the oven, he wants to look better than all the other cookies. Unfortunately, the hand decorating him doesn’t always agree…to hilarious results. It’s the kind of story that will inspire laughter with every page turn.


It’s also the kind of story that will very likely inspire a cookie-making session.


Here’s the thing: Cookiesaurus Rex is really particular about how he looks. So to bake up the perfect Cookie, you’ve got to do everything juuuuusssstttt right.

We thought we’d show you how, step by step.


Are you ready?


(Are we ready?)


Let’s get started. This is going to be a piece of cake! (Or should we say, a piece of cookie?) J


First: The Ingredients.



Amy: Here are mine.


Then it’s just a matter of measuring, adding, blending, beating and rolling out the final dough.

Nate: Amy got things rolling (with a rolling pin), and she made it all look so easy. But after several disastrous attempts at making dough from scratch, I dashed out the door in desperation and bought some prepackaged cookie dough.

Second: Cutting out Your Cutie & Baking Brilliance


Amy: Just the right amount of pressure with your cookie cutter, 10 minutes in the oven, and voila.



Nate: Okay, the right pressure with cookie cutter… 10 minutes in the oven… and voila!




Third: Decorating Your Cookiesaurus


Amy: Green is GREAT! (At least that’s what Cookie thinks…at first.) So I started with green frosting. And because Cookie is a STAR, I covered him in plenty of those, and sprinkles and glitter because he shines over all the other cookies.

Nate: Help me, Amy! My Cookiesaurus is wrecked! Oops, the head just snapped off…


Fourth: Good Enough to Eat



One of our cookies didn’t turn out quite like we imagined, so we think we’ll stick to creating our Cookie in the pages of a book. (In fact, Cookiesaurus Rex will be back in another story next year!)


Let us know how your cookie making session goes. We’d love to see your cookie pics and we’ll post them on Amy’s website if you give us your permission. Go to and send a note through the contact page with an attachment of your own masterpieces.