Book Review: Montana Courage by Caroline Fyffe

Title: Montana Courage
Author: Caroline Fyffe
Series: McCutcheon Family
Publisher: Caroline Fyffe
Release Date: Jan 12, 2017

Book Summary:

USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe is back with another epic tale of love and courage in the Montana Territory…

MONTANA COURAGE – The McCutcheon Family Series, Book 9
Y Knot, Montana Territory, 1887
Shad Petty is a cowhand, plain and simple, whose days are filled with riding for the McCutcheon brand. There’s no room in his life for a woman, let alone a female with obvious means who is completely out of his reach. Unfortunately, the candid Miss Ford captures his heart and his simple life is turned topsy-turvy from that point on.

Pampered socialite Poppy Ford rarely listens to direction. Her father has indulged her every whim and she’s been a dutiful daughter until now…when she decides to visit her sister in Y Knot without his permission. All too soon, Poppy learns the Montana wilderness is not Boston. She’s thrust into danger of her own making and the results are a matter of life or death. When the roughhewn cowboy named Shad offers his help, she begins to see him in a different light. Can two such completely different people find love? Or will circumstances keep them apart?

Montana Courage, Book 9 of the award-winning, western historical McCutcheon Family series, continues the lives of the McCutcheons as well as the homespun townsfolk of Y Knot, Montana.

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Watch for more McCutcheon Family novels to come…


It is a joy to return to Y Knot and see how past characters are doing as well as get to know new characters. Poppy and Shad are dynamic and strong. I enjoyed watching them get to know each other as they selflessly served others. While it is always fun to peek into the lives of characters from previous books, I felt there were too many story lines going on in this book. I wanted to see more of Shad and Poppy and less of everyone else. Still, the strong values and wholesome goodness portrayed in this story will keep me coming back for more!

Rating: 4 stars – Great book!

Content: clean, a few mild swear words

Source: ebook for review

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