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Family of His Own

(Shores of Indian Lake #8)
Catherine Lanigan
Adult Contemporary Romance

Paperback & ebook, 384 pages

July 1st 2017 by Harlequin Heartwarming

He’s ready to settle down…with or without her

Scott Abbott has always loved Isabelle Hawks. And he’s always been her rock. Patient, dependable, strong. But lately, she’s been acting like that rock is weighing her down. With her art career taking off, Isabelle has been spending less and less time in Indian Lake…and with him. Scott isn’t even sure what they are to each other anymore. They might be friends with a history, but it sure doesn’t feel like a future. Maybe it’s time for Scott to set her free and focus on his own dreams. A real home. A family. All the things he had hoped to share with her…





Isabelle rushed up the aisle, scooped her dress and belongings into her arms and charged into the bride’s dressing room. “I’m here!”

Olivia’s face erupted in relief and joy. “Thank goodness! We all tried calling you.”

They were all there, her friends from childhood and adulthood. Her world. Sarah Jensen Bosworth, Maddie Strong Barzonni, Liz Barzonni, Katia McCreary, Sophie Carter and Cate Sullivan. Their eyes were filled with concern and questions. Lots of questions.

“I have to hurry.”

“Right! We only have ten minutes!” Olivia said.

Isabelle shimmied into her dress, a pink, tea-length crepe de chine and chiffon gown.

Sarah held out her shoes, while Liz zipped up the dress.

“Honestly, Isabelle, this is too much drama. Even for you. Where were you?” Katia McCreary asked, flipping a long lock of auburn hair over her shoulder while she pinned rhinestones into Isabelle’s hair to match the rest of the bridesmaids.

“In Chicago. Then we got caught in this awful snowstorm.”

“We?” all the women chorused.

“Uh-huh. Wes and I.” Isabelle dug through her makeup kit for lip gloss and blush.

“Who’s Wes?” they chorused again.

Isabelle looked up. Wes was the man she’d been bonding with for the past four hours. The man who had captured her spirit.

“He’s just the nephew of the gallery owner who’s showing my work next month.”

Sarah stood, grabbed the blush brush and swept it across Isabelle’s cheeks. “Just?”

“He, er, insisted on driving me back to Indian Lake. The storm was so bad. I was afraid they’d close the interstate.”

“It’s not state of emergency yet, but they’re talking about it,” Olivia said. “I just hope we can all get to Gina’s for the reception before they close everything down. If we’re going to be stranded, I hope it’s out there. She has room for all of us.”

Liz shot Olivia a conspiratorial glance. “There’s a hundred people out there. You’d have to give up your wedding bed.”

Olivia’s eyes widened. “Okay. I’ll pray they don’t call state of emergency until morning.”

Liz put her hand on her hip. “That’s when you’re supposed to be driving to O’Hare.” Olivia and Rafe had planned a honeymoon in Italy.

Olivia picked up Isabelle’s nosegay and handed it to her. “Well, I’m glad this Wes, whoever he is, got you here safely and on time.”

Isabelle’s smile was thin. “He did.”

Just then the door opened and Olivia’s mother entered. She rushed over to Isabelle. “I’m so glad you made it. We were all so worried.”

“I’m so sorry. I forgot my phone was off.”

“Yeah, she was distracted,” Liz quipped pointedly.

Julia put her arm around Olivia and smiled at her with so much love it caused Isabelle to wince. If she were ever to have a wedding day, she wondered if her mother would look at her like that.

She thought of Wes’s disconnected relationship with his mother. Though Isabelle and Connie weren’t as close as Olivia and Julia, they were not as distant as Wes and his mother.

With one last swipe of her lip gloss, Isabelle was ready. Together, the bridesmaids hurried to the back of the church, where they would meet the groomsmen to walk down the aisle. Julia would accompany Olivia, who hadn’t seen her father since she was a little girl.

Isabelle steeled herself as she approached Scott. Before he had a chance to berate or accuse her, she whispered, “I was in Chicago and Wes graciously offered to drive me home through this terrible storm.”

Scott, ever the gentleman, offered his arm, which she took.

“Then I should thank him.

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About the Author


Catherine Lanigan is the international bestselling and award-winning author of forty published titles in both fiction and non-fiction, including the novelizations of Romancing the Stone and The Jewel of the Nile, as well as over half a dozen anthologies, including “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living your Dream”, “Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul”, and more. Ms. Lanigan’s novels have been translated into dozens of languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. Ms. Lanigan’s novels are also available in E-books on and Barnes and, Apple Store, Mobi and Kobo. Several of her titles have been chosen for The Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Clubs. Her Vietnam war-based novel, The Christmas Star, won the Gold Medal Award Top Pick from Romantic Times Magazine and has also won Book of the Year Romance Gold Award from ForeWord Magazine as well as Book of the Year Romance from Reader’s Preference.
Lanigan is the author of a trilogy of non- fiction books regarding angelic intervention in human life: Angel Watch, Divine Nudges and Angel Tales published by HCI and Cedar Fort. Skyhorse published Lanigan’s “how-to” book on writing: Writing the Great American Romance Novel. Lanigan was tasked by the NotMYkid Foundation to write a non-fiction book addressing teen addictions. Ms. Lanigan’s first Young Adult adventure novel, The Adventures of Lillie and Zane: The Golden Flute, was published by Cedar Fort.
Currently, she has published eight novels in the Shores of Indian Lake series for Harlequin Heartwarming: Love ShadowsHeart’s DesireA Fine Year for LoveKatia’s Promise, Fear of Falling, Sophie’s Path and Protecting the Single Mom. Family of His Own pubs July, 2016. She has recently contracted for one more in the series: His Baby Dilemma.
As a cancer survivor, Ms. Lanigan is a frequent speaker at literary functions and book conventions as well as inspiring audiences with her real stories of angelic intervention from her Angel Tales series of books. She is an outspoken advocate for domestic violence and abuse and was honored by The National Domestic Violence Hotline in Washington, D.C. (THE EVOLVING WOMAN). She has been a guest on numerous radio programs including “Coast to Coast” and on television interview and talk show programs as well as blogs, podcasts and online radio interview programs.
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  1. Very interesting, thank You!

  2. Jan Lee says:

    The cover is perfect for depicting an upcoming family life after marriage 🙂

  3. Karen Haas says:

    Catherine is a new-to-me author. I enjoyed reading the excerpt to this new book and look forward to reading more of her work.

  4. great excerpt

  5. I love the cover, as soon as I saw it it made me smile 🙂

  6. Looks like a really nice book.

  7. This book is “my cup of tea”, looking forward to reading it!

    • Hi! All my Heartwarming books are sweet and clean but with stories that are true to life. But all have happy endings…the way it should be for loving people. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Michele says:

    I love the cover.. it looks like a family oriented book that is loving and child friendly….

    • HI, Michelle! You have that exactly right. This is number 8 book in my Shores of Indian Lake series and I hope to write 18 more. Just so you know. They are all lovely romances with the kind of difficulties all of face from time to time. In other words…a good book. LOL! I hope you entered my giveaway and the rafflecopter!

  9. Susan Smith says:

    I like the cover. It fits the title.

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    I really enjoyed the excerpt.

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    It sounds so good and the cover looks so happy. Makes you want to read.