Book Review: Return to Red Castle by Dorothy Keddington

Title: Return to Red Castle
Author: Dorothy Keddington
Publisher: Granite Publishing & Distribution
Release Date: November 1, 1998

Book Summary:
Red Castle … an ancient citadel of wine-red stone in the heart of Utah’s primitive High Uinta Mountains. Hidden away near its rocky base, a small plane lies twisted and broken.

The four men … desperate, ruthless, will stop at nothing to retrieve the plane’s valuable cargo,
but their only clue to its location are the words … Red Castle.

Jesse Chisholm … rugged, lonely, one of the new breed of modern Mountain Men. As a geologist for the Forest Service, he calls the wilderness his home and only the mountains know the secrets of his heart.

Melissa Heydon … spirited, young, in love with life, the mountains, and Jesse Chisholm.

I was in the mood to reread this book, so I found the box it was stored it, pulled it out, and reread it. I really like this book. It has a raw quality to it that fits with the story. A lot of books I forget a lot of what happens in it, but even after years of not having read this book, I still remembered many of the events that take place in the story and looked forward to reading them again. The dynamics between the characters help pull the story along. I especially love the relationship between Missy and Jesse. I love this story and will definitely reread it again in the future.

Rating: 4.5 stars – Highly Recommend
Content: innuendo, 18 or so mild swear words, mild sexual assault, some violence, married fade to black sex
Source: Personal Copy

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