Book Review: For the Joy of Christmas by Beverly Merrill

joy-of-christmasTitle: For the Joy of Christmas
Author: Beverly Merrill
Release Date: Dec 2, 2016

Book Summary:

“For The Joy of Christmas” is a collection of poems that express the reasons For the love of Christmas. These poems have been written through the years as the author’s annual Christmas card to family and friends. The collection is enhanced by illustrations for several of the poems. The author and the artist hope this book will bring the true Joy of Christmas to the reader as it has to them.

Cheryls review

Love this beautiful and uplifting book of Christmas poetry!!! The author collected poems she has written for friends and family each Christmas and compiled them in this moving collection. Accompanying the poems are sweet illustrations that draw the reader into the inspiring mood of the poetry. Many of the poems explore Christmas symbols and how they can point us to the true meaning of Christmas. All of the poems uplift and inspire. One example of how these verses point to Christ is seen in this small snippet of a poem-

“Today those who would be wise
Will look beyond the star in the skies
With humble hearts and spirits meek,
They will resolve to ever seek
To know Him who in the manger lay
On that first Christmas Day.
He, who on that glorious night
Came to earth is All Truth, THE LIGHT

These poems will always have a special place in my collection of Christmas books. A treasure to share with my friends and family.


5 stars

Rating: 5 stars – I loved it!!!
Content: Clean
Source: review copy
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