Cyber Monday – Grab a Kindle Fire for just $33.33!!


I LOVE my kindle. I have several of them. My favorite for reading on is my Paperwhite. But I often use the text to voice feature on my Fire to read to me.

If you don’t have a Kindle or are looking for a great gift idea today’s a great day to get one. Last year I grabbed a Kindle Fire for my mother in law’s Christmas gift. She has loved it and told me several times how often she uses it. I also grabbed one for my husband and he uses it nearly every night to watch a movie on. Not quite as good as going to sleep to a good book but he’s definitely got our money’s worth. They are just $33.33 today which is a great deal!



  1. I’ve always used the kindle app on my laptop, I’ve heard both good/bad reviews for the Kindle Fire 7 which would be the version in my price range,so I was on the fence last year whether to get it at the sale price or not but decided this year to give it a chance, and If they still have them in stock, at Target they have 15% off on top of the sale price plus free shipping.