Where Wind Meets Wave Author: Caroline Fyffe

where-wind-meets-wavesTitle: Where Wind Meets Wave
Author: Caroline Fyffe
Series: Prairie Hearts
Publisher: Amazon
Release Date: Oct 22, 2016

Book Summary:

Drawn from Wyoming Territory for the first time in his life, Jake Costner sets off to find his destiny, leaving his love behind in Logan Meadows. NOVELLA Where Wind Meets Wave, Book 6 of the Prairie Hearts series by USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe, will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Newport, Oregon, 1883
Learning his saloon-girl mother has known all along who sired him, Jake takes his fate into his own hands and travels away from the only family he’s ever known. Unaware of what awaits him at the end of his train ride, Jake discovers not only a dying father, but a surprise that will change his life—forever. More is on the line than returning to Logan Meadows, where Daisy Smith awaits the wedding he’s promised. Given new awakenings, bitter sorrow, and a daring escape, will Jake return a whole man? Or will the happiness he and Daisy have been building for the last two years be lost Where Wind Meets Wave…

Enjoy the Western Historical Romance Prairie Hearts Series in order:

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West Winds of Wyoming
Under a Falling Star
Whispers on the Wind
Where Wind Meets Wave (Novella)

Watch for more Prairie Hearts novels to come…

Cheryls review

It’s so exciting to see Jake get some resolution about his past. Jake has turned into a man of character thanks to Jessie and Chase. He is strong and courageous. All of these wonderful qualities are put to the test when Jake rides to Oregon to meet his Dad. We meet new characters and are reunited with some from previous books. I can’t say too much to avoid spoiling the story. I am wrapped up in the stories of all of these characters and cannot wait to read more. While this book is labeled as a novella, it felt like a full length story. Plenty of action and adventure. Some of the characters had very difficult decisions to make and grew throughout the story. Jake had to come to terms with his relationship with his parents. The personal growth we see is inspiring!

5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars – I loved it!!!

Content: Clean, mild violence

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