Book Review: The Thirteenth Chance by Amy Matayo

thirteenth-chanceTitle: The Thirteenth Chance
Author: Amy Matayo
Publisher: Waterfall Press
Release Date: September 27, 2016


Book Summary:
Baseball star Will Vandergriff knows any number of women who would happily pretend to be his girlfriend. In a last-ditch effort to restore his good standing with his team’s higher-ups, he enlists the help of his neurotic, goody-goody neighbor. Schoolteacher Olivia Pratt might be a bit quirky and a bit of a loner, but she’s a lot more inviting than she knows. Will hopes that bringing her to his next game might revamp his reckless reputation and help get his career back on track. The only problem? The plan works a little too well. Not only do the higher-ups love Olivia, but Will plays his best game yet. Suddenly his losing streak is a thing of the past, and Olivia is his new good-luck charm. Will feels anything but lucky.
After years of keeping the world at bay, Olivia Pratt is pulling off the ultimate performance—not only reluctantly posing as Will’s girlfriend but also insisting that she’s oblivious to his major-league appeal. But she can only lie to herself for so long. Being by Will’s side feels good. Really good. Maybe it’s finally time to make a pitch for everything she really wants—and to find out just how exhilarating love can be.

Anita's Review 2

Guilty pleasure book? Yep! There are books in which the characters have mildly questionable morals; not really questionable, just justifying a bit. You know they should get caught, but watching them fall in love is soooo fun that you’re kinda rooting for them to make it. Some of those books work and some don’t. The Thirteenth Chance uses this genre well.

Our sweet (albeit OCD) heroine (who likes to walk her cat – on a leash no less) helps the next door neighbor she has sworn to stay away from. Why? She’s nice like that. (Oh, and he’s gorgeous)

Cocky, Pro baseball player needs someone to help him rescue his tarnished reputation.

An agreement is made. Let the fun begin. I loved watching this whole scenario. I love, love, love that she doesn’t fall all over his celebrity status and often puts him in his place. I love that he sees things in her that others don’t.

It’s a fun ride to watch their relationship. There are some laugh out loud moments and a whole lot of just smiley ones.

5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars
Content: Mild language, innuendos, drinking, kissing
Source: Netgalley

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