Releasing Tomorrow: Greater – Go see this movie!


Greater: The Incredible True Story of the Greatest Walk-on in the History of College Football

Brandon Burlsworth is perhaps the greatest walk-on in the history of college football. Brandon dreamed of playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks, but was told he wasn’t good enough to play Division I ball. Undeterred, Brandon took a risk and walked on in 1994. Written off by fellow teammates and coaches, Brandon displayed dogged determination in the face of staggering odds. The awkward kid who once was an embarrassment to his teammates and an annoyance to his coaches, ended up becoming the most respected player in the history of the program, changing the lives of all he touched.

This movie is phenomenal!

I had the opportunity to watch a screener of Greater last night.

My husband and I come from completely different backgrounds when it comes to football. He loves football and played it in high school. I have no interest in football, never watch it and had never heard of Brandon Burlsworth.

These difference don’t matter when it comes to this movie. We both thought Greater was very well done. It is a very inspiring story based on actual events. I found myself searching the internet to learn more about Brandon when the movie ended.

I can easily recommend this movie to anyone. It’s so refreshing to hear a different type of story. In this world of entitlement, we see things handed to people and all too often see morals and values of those who should be role models slipping. To see someone work towards something and achieve it while keeping their standards and encouraging others is a nice change. The time spent watching this movie was well worth it. Brandon Burlsworth was taken from this life too soon, but thankfully his story lives on.

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And for those who prefer books to movies I just saw that there is a book version of this story available too. If it is half as well done as this movie it is worth reading.

This movie is rated PG – I recall a couple mild swear words and there is one scene of drinking which portrayed drinking in a negative light. I would take my children to this movie without hesitation.