Book Review: The McCarran Collection by Liz Adair

mccarranTitle: The McCarran Collection
Author: Liz Adair
Publisher: Century Press
Release Date: August 4, 2015

Book Summary:

Bridget Olasfson, a beautiful archivist hiding secrets, comes to Utah’s brilliant red rock country to catalog the McCarran Collection. Though she’s sworn off men in her life, she’s attracted to Ben, the bad-boy, off-road racing McCarran cousin. But it’s Lew McCarran, the tall, quiet cousin, she turns to when she finds herself caught up in a dangerous intrigue involving a lost boy, a drug cartel, and death. What will she do when the only way to save the boy is to give up the man she loves?

Part romance, part cozy mystery, part thriller, The McCarran Collection is, last of all, a novel about family ties.


I was not sure whether I would like this book or not, but I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed following the twists and turns the story took and the surprising connections that came about. One of the things I loved most about the stories were the characters. Bridget learned more about herself. Lew had hidden depths. Diego was a sweetheart. Lark was a bit dotty but also a sweetheart. I thought the setting was well-developed. It makes me want to visit Kanab and Fredonia, along with revisit the towns just north of them where my grandpa grew up. I really liked the ending of the story.

Rating: 4 stars – Great Book
Content: some violence, mention of unwed pregnancy, passionate kissing
Source: Review copy

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