Book Review: Jessie Belle by Jennifer Peel

26256791Title: Jessie Belle
Author: Jennifer Peel
Series: The Women of Merryton #1
Release Date: September 8, 2015

Book Summary:

Nestled in the picturesque Rocky Mountains, lies the quaint
town of Merryton, Colorado. You will never find finer people or better friends.
But try keeping a secret in Merryton and you will soon find that the good
townspeople are better than any private investigator or undercover journalist.
The men and women of Merryton are like living barometers, and when a storm is
brewing in the life of one of their own, they are sure to get to the bottom of
it—and forecast it on the Merryton grapevine.Jessie Summers and her husband Blake just haven’t connected since their baby
was stillborn and they learned that Jessie couldn’t have more children. And
then Blake drops a bombshell-he fathered a child with Jessie’s old roommate
when they had broken up briefly. It was before they married thirteen years ago, but it’s still devastating to
Jessie, considering she’ll never have a child of her own. But in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty, they discover that Madeline may
just be what the doctor ordered to heal their broken hearts and mend their own
tattered relationship.

Will they have the courage to look forward and find a greater love than they
could ever imagine? Or will past hurts and the town grapevine tear them apart?

In some ways this was a difficult book to read since it dealt with a troubled marriage. Jessie and Blake had some real problems that they had to address. This story was well written. I thought the way various problems were revealed to the reader over time was well done. I really liked this story. I loved the main characters in the book, and many of the supporting characters. Jessie had wonderful family and friends. I felt I learned a lot from this story. I enjoyed following the characters’ journey of growth and discovery. After having read the book, I think the cover is perfect for the book. I look forward to reading the other books in this series!
Rating: 4.5 stars – Highly Recommend
Content: some innuendo, several mild swear words
Source: Personal Copy
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