Book Review: Double Play by Renee S. Clark

Double PlayTitle: Double Play
Author: Renee S. Clark
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Release Date: January 4, 2016
Book Summary:

Sophie Pope is devastated when she hears the news: her former boyfriend, college football star Anthony “Rocket” Rogers, is engaged to be married. Determined to win him back before he says I do, Sophie hatches a foolproof plan to stop the wedding. But when Rocket’s best man, aspiring baseball player David Savage, thwarts her plot, she realizes the game is up. For David, though, it s just beginning . . .

David knows that Sophie is just another pretty face, and he’s more than happy to save his best friend from her shallow advances. She’s not his type at all, so he’s baffled by his response to an awkward encounter with Donovan, another of Sophie’s former flames. Despite himself, David feels driven by an inexplicable need to protect her. Pretending to be Sophie’s new fiancé leads to unexpected sparks between the pair, and soon they’re searching for excuses to spend time together. But when a curveball threatens to send them in opposite directions, will Sophie and David step up to the plate for the possibility of true love?

Anita's Review 2

I believe this novel deserves two different reviews. I’m serious. The first part of the book, about 3 chapters – give or take, I was a) confused by all the characters b) wondering why I chose to review it and c) really hoping it would get better. Then suddenly *poof* I wasn’t annoyed anymore and started enjoying it. So first part 2 stars, after that 5 stars.
I like that this book has quite complex characters. Many of the main characters are evolving through the book. I was intrigued to see where they would all end up. Our heroine, Sophie, was all over the place. She’s a mean girl, kind girl, confused girl, giving girl, evil girl, stupid girl etc, etc. I knew deep down she was a ‘heart of gold’ girl, but at times it was deep, deep, deep down.
David on the other hand. Love. Him. He also had many facets but in a more even keel kind of way.
This is the second book in the series (not titled such) and is a stand-alone. However, being the second book may be why the first part of this book is confusing. Just a thought.

4 stars
Rating: 4 Stars
Content: Clean, minor religious elements
Source: Netgalley
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  1. Well, no, this leaves me of two minds…do I or don’t I?