Book Review: Color Temples by Natahia McLean

color templesTitle: Color the Temples: An LDS Coloring Book 
Author: Natashia McLean
Publisher: Steadfast Publishing
Release Date: Dec 15,2015

Book Summary:

  • From writer/illustrator Natashia McLean comes an exciting, educational new faith-based coloring book: LDS Temples!
  • Contains 30 beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations of LDS Temples around the world, each accompanied by historical facts and trivia.
  • Each illustration is printed on a separate page, designed to be cut out for framing or hanging on the fridge.
  • Perfect for Bible study, personal worship or Family Home Evening.
  • Join millions of people all around the world who are rediscovering the simple relaxation and joy of coloring!

Cheryls review

What a gorgeous book! I love it! I am the craft director for our teenage Girl’s Camp. Someone hinted to me this year that adult coloring pages are super popular. I had to look into it. I found Natasha McClean on Instagram as Canary Jane. I was so impressed with her work I had to find out more. This book is simply beautiful and inspiring. Coloring has become the rage for adults and teens because it is relaxing and soothing. What a better way to relax than by pondering these beautiful temples!!! She adds something to each page to represent the area or the local temple grounds. There are inspiring quotes and some background info as well. When I select crafts I like to find things that are not only fun, but useful and uplifting too. This definitely fits the bill. I plan to use a couple of free pages from Canary Jane’s web site and let the girls know where they can go to find more. What beautiful and inspiring coloring pages.

5 stars


Rating: 5 stars – I love it!!!
Content: Clean
Source: review copy
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