Book Review: A Season to Love by Nicole Deese

A season to loveTitle: A Season to Love
Author: Nicole Deese
Series: Love in Lenox
Publisher: Waterfall Press
Release Date: February 2, 2016

Book Summary:

At this point in her life, bravery is not a trait Willa Hart would readily claim. She believes her seven-year-old daughter, Savannah, who never knew her father and successfully tackled chemotherapy, is truly the courageous one. Yet after Willa has a fateful encounter with handsome young doctor Patrick McCade, her outlook—and her view of herself—begins to change.
Patrick, a thrill-seeking world traveler and temporary resident of Lenox, Oregon, sets out to show Willa the value of adventure, even within her tiny town. But just when their friendship shows signs of turning into something more, Patrick’s life as a traveling doctor calls him back. Will his last days in town signal the end of their journey, or will Patrick and Willa find the courage to transform a single season into a lifetime?

Anita's Review 2


I loved this book. The end.
(Unfortunately that does not a great review make so . . .)

Wow. I loved the diverse cast of characters. I loved the real emotions that reading evoked. (Have tissues ready) I loved reading about the depth of love and pain one life can have. I loved the hero and heroine and supporting cast. To be honest, I felt most of the ‘supporting’ characters were as critical to the plot as the main characters. They certainly had me stating things in my mind like “punk” (for her brother not her co-worker), “adorable” and “I know just how that feels”. I was drawn in by the triumph I felt in watching the main characters grow. And, I especially loved the very small details which were included throughout the story that kept me enthralled (Superman Band-aids rock)
I have actually read this book two times in two days.
I love this book. The End.

5 stars
Rating: 5
Content: clean, kissing,
Source: Netgalley

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