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The Suspect's Daughter: Regency Romance (Rogue Hearts Book 4)The Suspect’s Daughter
(Rogue Hearts, #4)

by Donna Hatch

Adult Historical Romance

Paperback & ebook, 298 pages

December 15th 2015 by Mirror Lake Press

Determined to help her father with his political career, Jocelyn sets aside dreams of love. When she meets the handsome and mysterious Grant Amesbury, her dreams of true love reawaken. But his secrets put her family in peril.

Grant goes undercover to capture conspirators avowed to murder the prime minister, but his only suspect is the father of a courageous lady who is growing increasingly hard to ignore. He can’t allow Jocelyn to distract him from the case, nor will he taint her with his war-darkened soul. She seems to see past the barriers surrounding his heart, which makes her all the more dangerous to his vow of remaining forever alone.

Jocelyn will do anything to clear her father’s name, even if that means working with Grant. Time is running out. The future of England hangs in the balance…and so does their love.

Donna Hatch 2014
Donna Hatch is the author of the best-selling “Rogue Hearts Series,” and a winner of writing awards such as The Golden Quill and the International Digital Award. A hopeless romantic and adventurer at heart, she discovered her writing passion at the tender age of 8 and has been listening to those voices ever since. She has become a sought-after workshop presenter, and also juggles freelance editing, multiple volunteer positions, and most of all, her six children (seven, counting her husband). A native of Arizona who recently transplanted to the Pacific Northwest, she and her husband of over twenty five years are living proof that there really is a happily ever after.

regencyWhy Regency Gentleman Make the Perfect Heroes


In Regency England, duty and honor were everything. If a man said he’d do something, especially if he gave his word, he meant it, and others could count him to follow through, even if it came a great personal cost.


People in Regency England spoke eloquently. The upper classes didn’t maul the language—they used correct grammar and had an enormous vocabulary. They also prized wit and excelled in using the understatement. Jane Austen novels are a great example—almost like poetry. She carefully chose each word for its beautiful wording, imagery, and rhythm.


By the Georgian and Regency Eras, men and women alike were educated and could read, compute complex mathematics, speak multiple languages—French and Latin in particular—and loved philosophical debates. They were also very cultured. From a young age they were taught to dance, play music, sing, and recite poetry.


Men in many historical eras were civilized and treated women with courtesy by standing up when a lady entered the room, doffed their hats, curtailed their language, offered an arm, bowed, and did a hundred other little things I wish men still did today. But they were also very athletic; they hunted, raced, fenced, boxed, rode horses. They were manly. Strong. Noble. Resolute. Honorable. That makes them perfect heroes for both historical fiction and historical romance novels.

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  1. Question to the author: how did you come up with the names of the main characters?

    • Honestly, they came to me named–I didn’t pick them, they picked themselves. Which probably sounds neurotic. Originally the 4th Amesbury brother was a scholar named Blake, but that went away pretty quickly during the rough draft of the first book and he became Grant, who works with Bow Street. Amesbury was a name I’d heard of years ago that just stuck with me–it just feels lordly–and it means a haven of safety, or something like that so it really resonated with me.

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