DVD Review: Miracle Maker

Miracle Maker
“The Miracle Maker is coming!” Everyone in the tiny town is excited when they hear the news that the renowned man of wonders is coming to their village. But the humble traveler who appears isn’t what anyone expected. They were looking forward to someone magnificent who would change their lives. It seems this man can barely take care of himself, let alone fulfill the dreams of others. But miracles can come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes from the least expected places.

Coming November 3rd to DVD


I had the opportunity to watch this movie with my family yesterday. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Miracle Maker is an uplifting story about the impact one person can make.

The tag line of this film is A Christmas Tale but this story can be enjoyed year round.

With John Lyde directing and Jasen Wade as the Miracle Maker it was sure to be a hit and did not disappoint. I highly recommend this great movie to anyone who enjoys heartwarming stories.

5 stars

5 Stars – I loved it!

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