Book Review: Prototype D by Jason D. Morrow

PrototypeTitle: Prototype D
Author: Jason D Morrow
Release Date: August 31, 2015


Book Summary

A hundred years after the world is decimated by nuclear wars, humanity has been reduced to one surviving city of people called Mainlanders. They have food, water, and a wall that separates them from their enemies – the Outlanders.

Branded as savages, the Outlanders have grown in number and their attacks against the city have become more brutal. Increasingly, they threaten to overtake the city, bringing with them the doom and destruction that has plagued mankind for over a century. What the Mainlanders need is a weapon.

Des is the first robot created with a full range of emotions. His reasoning skills and thought process will make it so no human will ever have to step on the battlefield again. But when Des realizes his true purpose – to help destroy the Outlanders – he suspects that the real enemies might not be the people he was built to destroy, but those who created him.

adelina's review

I’ve not read a lot of AI type books, and it’s been years since I’ve watched any movies with the theme. Jason captured my attention once again with his twist on a typical theme. While the theme may remind some of I, Robot, it is not. One theme constant through Jason’s work is the idea of other or new life. From a fantasy realm in The Marenon Chronicles, to a super human race in The Starborn Ascension – Prototype D continues. The robots while mechanically put together, are programmed with Soul. Essentially new life has been created, and an underlying theme is coming to terms with and learning how to live with this potential of new life.
I really enjoyed Prototype D. I felt a strong connection to Des and his creator. The atagnoist though – talk about character development! I don’t want to give anything away, so go read it!
5 stars
Rating: 5 stars. I absolutely loved it!
Content: Clean!
Source: eCopy from the Author

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  1. Sold! Great review. I headed right to Amazon and it is free for kindle. yeah!

  2. This sounds like one I would really enjoy and it is still free at Kindle. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and introducing this author to me.