Book Review: Eleanor and the Iron King by Julie Daines

EleanorTitle: Eleanor and the Iron King
Author: Julie Daines
Publisher: Covenant Comunications
Release Date: Aug 1, 2015

Book Summary:

Eleanor de Lacy is forced into an arranged marriage with her father’s greatest enemy, Brac Goch, the Welsh king. All Eleanor knows of Brac is that he is a ruthless, war hungry man.

Eleanor arrives at the Welsh castle of Bryn Du already expecting the worst. When the ghost of Brac Goch’s first wife appears and warns her that the Welsh king is not to be trusted, all of Eleanor’s fears are confirmed.

As the countdown to her wedding day approaches, Eleanor must figure out who is lying, who is telling the truth, who is loyal, and who is the traitor–and most of all, if she can love an enemy king.


Cheryls review

Fantastic story that had some unexpected twists and turns. Historical fiction with a ghost story to add dimension to the book. The main characters are noble and good, but not trusting of one another. They must learn to overcome their past, in order to enjoy what the future can hold for them. Eleanor is feisty and brave. Sometimes a bit too headstrong for her own good. She has been misused by her domineering father for so long that she doesn’t know what to expect from men, especially kings. Brac is loyal, kind, and strong. He also has been hurt deeply in the past. They often clash and provoke one another. They also learn to respect one another. Eleanor must learn how to sort out the truth and the lies that have surrounded her for her entire life. I loved watching the characters learn and grow together. Like each of us, they must learn to humble themselves and become stronger as they overcome their past.

5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars – I loved it!!!

Content: Clean, mild violence associated with black magic

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  1. Julie Daines says:

    Thanks for this great review!!! It’s wonderful.

  2. Nice review, Cheryl. I love good historical fiction. Haven’t read one with a ghost involved in a while. Sounds great.