Music CD Review: What Heaven Feels Like by Calee Reed

calee reed

Music CD View: What Heaven Feels Like by Calee Reed

You may recognize Calee Reed from Time Out for Women and we are delighted to have her new album come out. Calee Reed makes her mark as a thoughtful and exciting new voice in spiritual and inspirational music with this beautiful follow-up to her debut album. Her folk pop sound is the perfect backdrop to gorgeous vocals and soaring melody lines. The title track, “What Heaven Feels Like,” stands out with a tender description of the lasting relationships we forge in this life that remain through the life to come. In the song “Possible,” Calee writes from an authentic place of joy as she reflects on God’s ability to extend our efforts beyond what we thought was possible. The song “Charity” is a celebration of love, and “In His Eyes” helps us see ourselves with love, acceptance, and peace. This album will help you see and enjoy more in life. It’s the perfect album to keep you dancing and singing through the summer.

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This is a seven song CD which I have thoroughly enjoyed. This is soothing beautiful music that calms me. Each song as a little different feels. Some are more upbeat and others are more calming. All are beautiful. Calee has an amazing voice that I enjoy listening to.