My Reading Quirks

What are your “Reading Quirks”?

I just read this article on Read It Forward and it got me thinking about my reading quirks.

I rarely read book summaries. Most of them give away way too much of the plot and I prefer to go into books blind not knowing anything about the story line or characters.

Since I don’t read summaries I judge books almost on their cover, title and genre.

Before downloading a book from Amazon I almost always use the “Search Customer Reviews” box and search for the word “sex”. I prefer my books on the clean side so I check to see what other readers have said as far as content. This seems to be the easiest way to find out the heat level of a book.

I download books to my kindle that have covers I love. When it is time to start a new book I scan through the books on my kindle and pick a title that appeals to me.

Books must hook me on the first page or two or I pick another book. Harsh I know but if a book doesn’t start off great odds are it’s not going to get much better and my to read list is too long to spend time on subpar books.

I prefer ebooks to print. Terrible I know… but if I have a book in print and ebook I always read the ebook. It is easier to hold my Kindle. I like that I can adjust the text size. It only requires one hand. Turning pages is easier.

I have 6 Kindles and use all of them. I have 2 separate Amazon accounts – a personal account and a blogging account. Each account has 3 Kindles tied to it. A basic kindle, a paperwhite and a Kindle Fire. I most often use the paperwhites. I must know where all 6 Kindles are at all times or I can’t let it go and search for them.

I prefer shorter books. I love novellas. I have trouble stopping in the middle of a good books so novellas allow me to actually get sleep.

I prefer reading to TV and movies. I read a lot. I’m on track to read 250 books this year.

And I must agree with the quirk mentioned in this article, turning down the pages of a book is a definite no-no.

How about you? Do you have any reading quirks?

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  1. When I pick a book I read the summary in the back, then skip to a page randomly in the middle of the book. If both don’t capture me I won’t read/buy the book. Sometimes the summary sounds good but the writer’s style isn’t quite my thing, or it sounds interesting but the dialog is boring. It’s hard for me to pick ebooks without being able to skip to the middle, and I hate it when books don’t provide me a summary on the back! But the thing that makes me pick a book the fastest is a comment by my favorite author printed on the book. 🙂

  2. I like to go into a book blind 🙂 I don’t read the blurb and/or reviews if I can avoid it. I like to be surprised.

  3. I actually don’t own an e-reader. I’m “old school” and prefer print books. Just like you, I judge a book by its cover. If the cover doesn’t interest me, I’m immediately turned off. Bookmarks were made for a reason – so pages don’t have to be turned down.

  4. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with preferring ebooks to print! As anyone who reads braille books or listens to audiobooks can tell you, the format is far less important than the content.

    My reading quirk is that I actually hate using bookmarks. I’m far more likely to leave a book sitting open or use a cover flap or (*gasp*) turn down a corner (not on borrowed books, I’m not a monster).