Book Review: With a Dreamboat in a Hammock by Marcia Lynn McClure

With a Dreamboat

Title: With a Dreamboat in a Hammock
Author: Marcia Lynn McClure
Publisher: Distractions Inc
Release Date: April 12, 2015

Book Summary:

“Sir, I am so sorry,” Valynn started to apologize as her intestines began to twist themselves into knots of anxiety. “I had no idea who you were. I thought you…well, that you were here to lock up the building or something. I don’t even know what I thought really…but I didn’t think you were, you know, you.”

Valynn found herself uncharacteristically breathless as he smiled down at her and said, “It’s fine. Valynn? Is that right?”

“Yeah,” she managed to answer.

“It’s good to finally meet you,” he said. “And your work is…” He shook his head with admiration. “Your work really is the best I’ve ever seen.”

“Th-thank you! Wow, that means more than you can imagine…coming from you.” she stammered…
Instantly Valynn realized that she’d never really seen a photograph of the well-known photographer and entrepreneur. His work was so popular, as well as artistic, that she’d never paused to wonder what the man behind the camera looked like. But if she had taken a moment to wonder, she never, ever, ever would’ve imagined he was six foot three-ish, with gorgeous raven black hair, eyes that looked like two sapphires had been placed in them, the firmest, squarest, most perfectly shaped chin and jaw she’d ever seen on a man, and an overall appearance of just plain sigh-inducing hotness!

Cheryls review

Lighthearted and fun, Marcia makes me smile once again. In this is a novella, so there is not a great deal of conflict. Just a sweet story of a young woman who lands her dream job in a prestigious photo studio. Little does she suspect how much her boss will come to mean to her. I love the photography aspect of the story. Since photography has been a hobby of mine for many years, I could relate to the characters in that way. As always Marcia’s character and fun loving personality shines through in this story.

5 stars
Rating: 5 Stars – I loved it!

Content: Kissing, a few mild swear words

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