Book Review: Revolution in a Bottle by Tom Szaky

21381208Title: Revolution in a Bottle

Author: Tom Szaky

Publisher: Portfolio

Release Date: 2013

Book Summary:

Tom Szaky dropped out of Princeton a decade ago to found TerraCycle, a company that makes the nonrecyclable recyclable. TerraCycle is now at the forefront of the eco-capitalist movement, partnering with moer than 35 million people in twenty countries in the collection of waste and transforming that waste into useful products. Creating trash cans from ship bags and plastic benches from cigarette butts, TerraCycle has redefined recycling.

Revolution in a Bottle is a rollicking tale of entrepreneurial adventure and an essential guide to creating a company that’s good for people, good for profits, and good for the planet.

Since Revolution in a Bottle was first published in 2009, TerraCycle has grown dramatically from a small company offering worm poop in a soda bottle to a pioneer of recycling worldwide. This completely revised and expanded edition continues the story of this incredible company.

I really enjoyed this book. It’s been sitting in my to read pile forever, more as a filler book. I thought it was a neat idea, see how TerraCycle started, but I wasn’t all that interested in reading it to be honest. Then I picked it up during an “I need something to read, but don’t have a ton of time” moment. Well, quickly I fell in love. Tom writes with humor – and when talking about worm poop, I think that’s key – and also from a good heart.

For me this book came at a great time, as I have gone back to school for marketing. There were lessons I learned from Tom’s story, that I believe will help me as I pursue a degree and future in the marketing world. This is the type of business I want to be a part of!

Rating: 5 Stars! I Loved it!!
Content: A handful of swears. Otherwise very clean (although lots of worm poop talk)
Source: A gift from a Capri Sun campaign.
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