Book Review: Rescued by a Bridesmaid by Melanie Curtis

RescuedTitle: Rescued by a Bridesmaid
Author: Melanie Curtis
Series: The Bridesmaid Series
Publisher: IndieWrites
Release Date: June 16, 2015
Book Summary:

Long before Scarlet became a Bonander of the New York Bon-Bon Chocolate Bonanders, she grew up on the wild side of the Appalachians. Now this country girl turned debutante needs to head to the wilds of Ecuador to find her cousin’s missing groom in time for the wedding. All she’s got is her toothless Uncle Cletus, a beat-up motorcycle with a sidecar, and the sexy best man, Mike Romero to conquer rough terrain, territorial spiders, and one nasty drug lord who bears a striking resemblance to Mike.

Anita's Review 2

I sooooooo loved this novella. It had it all the twists, turns, fun, chemistry (and let’s be honest – it’s the only time I like the subject of chemistry) compassion and escapism a good romance should.
First of all Scarlet; the name Scarlet must be used carefully in the literary world. This girl, she lives up to the name. She is a multifaceted ball of excitement. She demure, she’s a motorcycle momma, she’s able to take on the world, she’s haunted, etc., etc. She is quite a unique heroine and I loved every minute of her.
Then there is Mike, “Pirate Mike”. He has a eye-patch (yeah, he’s cool like that). He is fiercely loyal, takes care of business, compassionate and the best nun ever. (um, read the story)
There were some great one-liners in this story. I loved that the author returned to Ecuador (this is a stand alone, but also the third book in the series). The element of suspense was a lovely addition. This made me bubbly happy – happy enough that even laundry couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars

Content: Kissing, mild innuendo, mild violence, drug cartel

Source: ARC from author

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  1. Oooh, I love Melinda Curtis and novellas. Just never have the time to read a long novel anymore!