Book Review: Dances with Wolf by Farrah Taylor

dances with wolfTitle: Dances with Wolf
Author: Farrah Taylor
Series: Big Sky Love
Publisher: Entangled Bliss
Release Date: March 10, 2015
Book Summary:

Horse whisperer Abby Macready’s love for animals runs as deep in her blood as her Native American heritage. If she were even half as good at reading men, she’d…well, she’d probably still be fantasizing about her best friend’s big brother, Wolf Olsen; Playboy, cowboy, and breaker of Abby’s teenage heart.

Staying on top of the rodeo circuit means that Wolf has to stay focused and never settle down. He certainly wasn’t expecting to return to the Flathead Valley to find Abby’s flashing dark eyes and a backside that could bring a man to his knees. But his sister’s best friend is definitely off-limits…even if Abby’s soothing touch has a completely different effect on Wolf. But this wild cowboy can’t let one sweet whisperer tame him…

Anita's Review 2

Broken hearted by her best friend’s brother, Abby Macready has supposedly moved on; until she comes face to face again. Wolf knew he broke Abby’s heart many years ago. He had his reasons. Reasons he couldn’t share even with his kid sister.
Dances With Wolf’s title is a clever wordplay on a big movie title. That made me smile. I felt the plot and story were mostly realistic. The supporting relationships were also nice. The interaction between the two main characters was the right kind of balance between awkward and interested in each other. Wolf and Abby were likeable characters. I liked the story, but could quite get completely invested in it.
Being and Entangled Bliss, the story is marketed to be in the “sweet or clean “category. I’m giving it a sketchy clean rating. There is some sexual talk, innuendo, and sex behind closed doors. There is mild language throughout the book. Alcohol is also a factor in some of the story line. (Spoiler) I was disappointed that it took being drunk to get the characters together. Having said that, I did like the book.


Rating: 3.5
Content: sketchy clean, see review
Source: Netgalley

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