Book Review: The Object of His Affection by Marcia Lynn McClure

Object of his AffectionsTitle: The Object of His Affection
Author: Marcia Lynn McClure
Publisher: Distractios Ink
Release Date: Apr 21, 2015

Book Excerpt:

It was cold—so miserably cold. Athena knew by the numbness in her own fingers and toes that Annabel’s, Marta’s, and Bronwen’s must be frozen stiff. Yet she hoped that their merriment—in singing Christmas carols on the doorsteps or in the parlors of those who opened their doors or invited them inside for a moment—would offset their discomfort. After all, a happy heart warmed many a frigid soul, as well as ice-cold appendages.
As a child, Athena had adored caroling. It was with warm fondness that she thought back on all those Christmas seasons of the past when her entire family would carol to their neighbors. Always her mother had made puddings, cakes, and other sweet treats to bring with them, to give as gifts of affection to their kind townsfolk and friends. And once the caroling was at an end, the Monroe family—Athena’s father, mother, and sisters Annabel, Marta, and Bronwen—would return to their own home to sit before the fire and enjoy roasted chestnuts and wassail.
this Christmas season—the season that had always been bright and shining, the season that had always been to Athena a time to consider others, to give and serve—this Christmas season was stark in opposition!
Never had Athena imagined that she would find herself in such dire, desperate circumstances as she did then. As she followed her younger sisters to the next door on the row of lovely houses—houses so similar to the one in which she and her sisters had spent only the very last Christmas season—she hoped that the next kind family to open the door might offer her sisters (and herself as well) a token of goodwill—a warm mug of wassail, a small butter biscuit, anything for their stomachs…

Cheryls review

“Now I realize that this novella is about as cliché as they come, but that was my intent. I love cliché romance! It makes me smile and feel satisfied” These are Marcia’s words about this story. Her author notes at he back of her books are fun and give incite into what she is thinking as she writes her stories.

This one is a novella. It is meant to be simple and sweet. Not a complicated plot. As always Marcia makes me smile. Only Marcia could write some of this and make me enjoy it so much. If another author included a couple of the scenes from this story in their book, I might decide that I need to put the book down and stop reading. When Marcia tells the story, it just makes me laugh. Cute, lively, and fun. Good overcomes bad and the hero saves the day.

4 stars

Rating: 4 stars – Great book!

Content: passionate kissing – one scene with nudity (a bother intimidating his brother)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this… I don’t think I’ll be putting this on my list… but I appreciate your review so I can make an informed decision.