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The CloakThe Cloak
Sarah Jennings

Inspirational YA Romantic Suspense

Paperback and ebook, 194 pages

November 2014


Kellan McKensie, Princess of Errigal, is set on leaving for another world before being thrust into a plan of God’s choosing that includes learning of her past, embracing her future, and finding her forever love.

Among a lost line of beautiful, wise queens and a conquered country still clinging to medieval traditions in today’s world, can Kellan be convinced that now is her time to act? Why should she? To the entire country, she doesn’t even exist. Ever the reluctant leader, Kellan is pressured to use her incredible God-given abilities to bring back the glory of her homeland. To do so, she must fight her own will, overcome fears, and control her temper. It’s a lot to ask of a girl hidden under a cloak her whole life.

Sarah Jennings is an American storyteller living in the hills of North Carolina with her husband, four children, and escape artist hound dog. Her stories often revolve around strong willed heroines who find their way with God’s help during their adventures and in the process find their soulmate too. The Cloak is one such story now available in print and ebook format.

Guest Post – The Deer’s Cry

Early on in The Cloak, we learn from the backstory that a group of Irish immigrants, led by the McKensie family, make it their mission to leave their old lives behind and start something new. As Christians, they felt the tug to share their beliefs with those beyond the shore of their homeland. Gradually though, as the country of Errigal thrived, the people began to get comfortable, and the drive to share those strongly held beliefs diminished. In the book, we get the sense that God honors the prayers of those early Errigalians by putting things back on track.


Many books and articles have been written on the origin of Celtic Christianity and what it is and isn’t. Some say it started in the 5th century with the arrival of St. Patrick and others claim it was around even earlier, just not as pronounced. There are scholars who say that the Galatians of the Bible were Celts who were eventually driven to the shores of Ireland and Scotland. Additionally, groups of Christians today still identify with Celtic Christianity and have their own ways of practicing it.



Later that afternoon, Kellan decided to traipse down to the library to lose her thoughts in a book. Reading a different storyline, other than what was unfolding in her own turbulent life, helped give her mind a break. Approaching the room, she heard what sort of sounded like the king’s voice, but she couldn’t quite make out the words. She peeked past the half open door and saw Ian standing in the middle of the room with his hands lifted high. Tears were streaming down his face and to her, he had never looked more handsome. (The Cloak, Chapter 7)



The McKensie family in The Cloak is depicted as being Spirit-filled. It’s a regular part of their lives, as it was for many in the early church and as it still is for many today. While that specific teaching can quickly become a hot button topic, it truly serves no good purpose to condemn anyone on either side of the fence. Instead, we can most likely all agree to this excerpt from “The Deer’s Cry”, also known as “St. Patrick’s Breastplate”:
Christ be with me, Christ within me,
Christ behind me, Christ before me,
Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
Christ to comfort and restore me,
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
Christ in hearts of all that love me,
Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.

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  14. Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve always been interested in Celtic history and this book sounds like something I would really love to read.

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