Book Review: Drums of Desolation by Chris Heimerdinger

Drums of DesolationTitle: Drums of Desolation

Author: Chris Heimerdinger

Series: Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites #12

Publisher: Covenant Communications

Release Date: 2014

Book Summary:

Join our time-traveling heroes from the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series as they stand ready to take part in one of the most intense, supercharged, and harrowing contests in all of Book of Mormon history.

Surrounded by more than a million Lamanites and Gadianton robbers, Joshua, Harry, Apollus, Meagan, Garth, Steffanie, and many other favorite Tennis Shoes characters brace themselves with the Nephite nation for the promised day of violence and thunder. For four long years, the prophet Mormon has guided his people into making the Hill Cumorah an impregnable fortress against any adversary, but conflict and corruption among the Nephites threatens to undermine all of Mormon’s efforts and make everyone—including our characters—vulnerable for disaster.

Drums of Desolation is a novel of herculean ambition, serving as a sequel not only for Tennis Shoes Adventure Series: Sorcerers and Seers, but also for Passage to Zarahemla and Escape from Zarahemla, combining characters and struggles from both of Chris Heimerdiner’s epic series of Book of Mormon adventures.

Featuring nail-biting suspense and nonstop action, Drums of Desolation stand as one of the most important fictional studies ever undertaken of the most climactic and heart-breaking episode in the Book of Mormon. Fasten up for the thrill ride of your life—an adventure that will carry you from the depths of despair to the glorious triumphs of the human spirit in the midst of one of the most complex and sinister centuries every experiences in the New World.

Cheryls review

Wow, so I really thought I heard CH say in an interview that this was going to be the last book in the series. I guess not. We have another cliffhanger ending. I have followed this series for years now. This book would be difficult to follow if you had not read the previous books. I love the historical fiction element of it. The science fiction side of it is a bit distracting to me sometimes. CH is all about adventure and action too. That works well with Josh’s story line. During much of the book I was just waiting for the story to move forward and the characters to reunite. Sometimes I thought the description of the action just went on too long. I liked Harry’s story in this book. I was impressed how some of the things happening to Harry pulled from scriptural accounts that were not necessarily being retold at this part of the story. Huracan continues to be one of my all time favorite characters in this series. I can only hope to one day know a jaguar as awesome as Huracan.


Rating: 3.5 Stars – Good Book
Content: Clean
Source: ebook for review
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