Shout Out – Author Jennifer Peel – Must Read!

Jennifer Peel

I get so many review requests. It’s overwhelming sometimes. I wish that I could get to all of them but there are not enough hours in the day. My to-read list is endless… reading 37 books in the month of January didn’t even dent that list. With the amount I read it has become harder and harder for me to find a book that I don’t want to put down. I crave those kind of books and I love when I finally read one that keeps me stuck to its pages unable to stop thinking about it.

Jennifer Peel‘s book Professional Boundaries happened to be on the top of my Kindle when I finished a book mid January so I opened it and thought I would give it a try.

It totally sucked me in and I ended up reading the entire thing staying up way too late.  I added the rest of her books to my to read list but at the time was busy finishing up the long list of Whitney Award nominees I committed to read so I didn’t have time to read anything else.

Jennifer had a new book come out a couple days ago House Divided that she sent to me for review. Friday night I was at a point where I didn’t have anything else I was committed to read so I started it and again stayed up way too late reading.  Once again I loved it.

I had her book The Girl in 24B so I started that one next.  And then was thrilled to search my Kindle to find that I already had her book Other Side of the Wall.

48 hours after starting House Divided I’m sleep deprived but have finished the 3 books I hadn’t read and am anxiously awaiting the next one.

Jennifer’s books are clean. They made me laugh and cry and pulled at my emotions. The characters were so real. When I finished I found myself thinking about the stories and feeling like I had just been on a real life roller coaster ride. More than once I found myself so emotionally wrapped up in what happened that I had to stop myself and say wait this is just a story.

I’m not sure I can pick a favorite, I loved them all for different reasons, but I do have a favorite quote from one of them…

I’m not sure how long I stayed out there, but I never ended up reading my stupid book. What was the point anyway? I knew the ending would be a manufactured “happy” ending. What books never tell you is what happens after the story, the story where the husband grows tired of his wife and leaves her with three children and a broken heart. The story where the woman is left grappling for answers and pained with self-doubt and an overwhelming sense of loss and failure. Of course, they never made stories like that because who in their right mind would want to read such misery?

I loved reading the “misery” described in this story because it was so true to life. Thankfully I also got the manufactured happy ending I crave but it was quite a ride getting there.

If you are looking for something wonderful to read give one of these books a try. The are available for FREE if you have Kindle unlimited or you can also borrow for free if you have Kindle Prime. And being that you are a book lover I’m assuming you have one or both of the options available ;).

If not splurge and buy these. You won’t be disappointed.

Against the odds, and their families’ rules, Ellie Eaton and Brady Jackson dive into a forbidden friendship. A friendship that would lead to a storybook romance and deepen their families’ longstanding feud. Despite this, their love for each other grows. As the young couple plans to depart for college, Ellie to Auburn University and Brady to The University of Alabama, they are torn apart by illness, lies, and family secrets.

Ten years later, when near tragedy strikes, Ellie and Brady find themselves together again in the town that once separated them. This time, though, they find themselves being pulled together by unlikely sources. Will they get a second chance at love? Or will old family secrets and rules tear them apart forever?


One red eye flight and ten years of marriage later, Carly Bishop had what she considered a practically perfect life. Her journalist husband and her two adorable children were everything to her. But soon she would find out that her dream life didn’t fall in line with her husband’s expectations.

Left alone to sort out the pieces of her crumbling life, Carly finds strength in her children and her growing relationship with her in-laws. Most importantly, she finds her greatest strength as she builds a friendship with herself.

Determined to move forward and be happy, Carly does her best to make the most of her difficult situation. But will it be enough to save her marriage and the man she loves, or will his selfishness destroy everything they’ve worked for, including his own happiness?


***2015 Swoony Award Winner for Best Contemporary Romance***

At thirty-two, Kelli Bryant is ready to take on Chandler Media as the new Marketing Director, but her plans are derailed when her promotion is given to Kelli’s old college flame Ian Greyson, her one true love, and the one man she hoped to never see again.

Between Kelli’s determination to remain on top and Ian’s strict new office policies, there’s no shortage of fireworks in the office. Their explosive relationship spills over into their personal lives as Kelli tries to keep Ian at arm’s length and Ian desperately tries to win her back (during off hours only, of course).

Professional Boundaries is a witty romance filled with fun and humor. It is a story of two professionals who just can’t keep it professional.


Caught up in their own personal tragedies, neighbors Scott and Ava have never taken the time to get to know each other. But now that they are both newly single, they find out over one simple dinner they have more in common than the adjoining wall separating their Chicago townhomes. And judging by an unexpected midnight kiss, they just might be exactly what they each need to finally put their pasts behind them.

When Scott and Ava’s friendship begins to deepen, Ava finds that Scott’s emotional walls may be even more insurmountable than the physical one separating them. Add in a no-nonsense mother, a conniving widow, and a protective big brother, and Scott and Ava begin to see the divide between them grow. Do they have what it takes to break down those walls?



  1. This is a GREAT post: Informative, enthusiastic, and entertaining. I love the cover art that she has for her books, and they lend a certain emotion that seems to parallel the synopsis of the book. These all sound REALLY good, and I hope I get to read and review them at some point.

  2. Laura Hunter says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Agreed! I have read all of Peel’s books and your review is spot on. I wish I could explain it that well myself. Thanks for your reviews.

  3. Thank you for posting things like this. It makes me excited to delve into her books.