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Thanks to Hanna for the heads up that The Girl in Seat 24B is currently just 99 cents! Grab a copy while you can!
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This one is so worth paying .99 cents for! Of all Jennifer’s books this is the one that I can’t get out of my head. My teenage daughter and I were talking about all of Jennifer’s books yesterday. I decided this one is probably my favorite but it is also the last one I would give to her to read. Why? Simply because I am not sure she would be able to relate to it yet. She’s still young and dreaming of her happily ever after. I on the other hand have been married for 20 years and have been through the ups and downs so beautifully described in the story so I could relate to the characters on a level I don’t think she can yet.

What books never tell you is what happens after the story, the story where the husband grows tired of his wife and leaves her with three children and a broken heart. The story where the woman is left grappling for answers and pained with self-doubt and an overwhelming sense of loss and failure. Of course, they never made stories like that because who in their right mind would want to read such misery?

This is a beautiful story I will be reading again. I highly recommend you give this one a try.

One red eye flight and ten years of marriage later, Carly Bishop had what she considered a practically perfect life. Her journalist husband and her two adorable children were everything to her. But soon she would find out that her dream life didn’t fall in line with her husband’s expectations.

Left alone to sort out the pieces of her crumbling life, Carly finds strength in her children and her growing relationship with her in-laws. Most importantly, she finds her greatest strength as she builds a friendship with herself.

Determined to move forward and be happy, Carly does her best to make the most of her difficult situation. But will it be enough to save her marriage and the man she loves, or will his selfishness destroy everything they’ve worked for, including his own happiness?


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  1. It’s wonderful to see a realistic romance being published. Love isn’t always about the happy endings, and sometimes it’s actually strengthened by the trials and tribulations the couples goes through.

    This sounds like a great read, and one I’m going to have to pick up.

    Excellent post.