Book Review: Soap on a Rope by Denise Berry

Title: Soap on a Rope

Author: Denise Barry

Publisher: Mascot Books

Release Date: March 24, 2015


Book Summary

When Abby, Nolan, and their dog Foo Man Chew receive a sparkly red box in the mail they prepare themselves for a plethora of all the surprises it could contain only to be disappointed to find soap on a rope.

A sparkly red box arrived in the mail. 

Foo Man Chew grew excited as he wagged his long tail. 

He hoped for a bone, just one, could it be?

They opened the box….and what did they see?”

They soon learn that not getting what you wish for is no reason to lose hope. And that surprises can come in all forms, all shapes, and all sizes. If you spark your imagination, you just might have fun with even soap on a rope.

What a cute book, and JUST what we needed this month. Living in North Dakota, with cold weather, and sometimes just windy weather, we’ve been spending a lot of time indoors, and more than I would like, watching TV.
When Soap on a Rope arrived, it inspired all of us to find more adventure in the mundane, and fun with otherwise ordinary household items. The kids ask me to read it over and over, and I happily oblige. It’s easy to read, and I just can’t help loving the dog’s name – Foo Man Chew. Seeing the gift from his point of view was hilarious!  So get up, get moving, and go find some fun in the ordinary.
Rating: 5 stars
Content: clean
Source: DoGoodPr Group
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