Book Review: My Heart Stood Still by Lori Copeland

My HeartTitle: My Heart Stood Still

Author: Lori Copeland

Series: Sisters of Mercy Flats

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Release Date: March 1, 2015


Book Summary:

The three wily and beautiful McDougal sisters can swindle a man faster than it takes to lasso a calf. But their luck is running out, and they’re about to be hauled off to jail. When the wagon carrying them falls under attack, each sister is picked up by a different man.
Anne-Marie, the middle sister, is saved by Creed Walker, a Crow warrior. It’s loathing at first sight, but with bandits on their tail and a cache of gold to hide, Creed and Anne-Marie need each other. Will they learn to put aside their differences and trust each other—and God? And can their growing faith turn their lives around?

Anita's Review 2

I loved this book. Snarky, sassy, opinionated, strong and stubborn (yet a heart of gold) are some of my favorite personality traits in a heroine. I laughed out loud at some of the situations this girl thought up. At some point in the book, I started thinking, “How do you solve a problem like Anne-Maria?” (soundtrack optional) She’s flawed, naïve and a great con artist. Pair her with Creed Walker, not your typical hero, but oh so effective, and this recipe of a novel is scrumptious. The author also adds an unusual side-kick. What a fun read. I smiled. I laughed. I loved the setting, the historical period, and the twists and turns. Did I mention I loved this book?

I’d heard of Lori Copeland; seen her books on my ‘Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought:’ list. I’d been having a self-imposed historical romance dry period, but was asked to review this, liked the summary and jumped all in. Lori is now on my ‘must read’ list. I heartily give this book 5 stars.

5 stars
Rating: 5 Stars

Content: Clean, kissing, mild violence

Source: Netgalley

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  1. I was interested. . .right up until the point that it showed itself to be religious fiction. *sigh*

    Still, this was a great review. I love that the heroine wasn’t a one-facet, pushover. She’s seems like a strong girl, and perfect for being a main character in a romance.

  2. I have read three books of Lori Copeland’s which were historical Christian romances and I loved each and every one of them! Her style of writing is brilliant and I can’t wait to see more of her books.