Feed Your Read – One Classic Latin Lover, Please by Marcia Lynn McClure

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Don’t miss this FREEBIE from one of my favorite authors Marcia Lynn McClure. If you love clean romance free of sex and crudeness then you will most definitely want to grab a copy of One Classic Latin Lover, Please.

Tierney’s smile broadened as she read the front of the card aloud. “A special day demands a special gift…a gift sent with loving intent. Therefore, for you on your special day, I present to you…” Tierney paused long enough to open the card and then read, “One Classic Latin Lover with a very special message. I love you, baby sister. Alec.”

As fast as she could, Tierney tore the wrapping paper on the front of the tall package to reveal a plastic handle attached to the box with the words, Pull This, written nearby.

Pulling on the handle, Tierney gasped as the front of the box broke away to reveal Alec’s gift—one classic Latin lover!

There inside the large box stood a man—not a cardboard cutout man but a real man. And, oh, what a man it was! Tierney’s mouth hung agape as she studied the man standing in the box. He was literally tall, dark, and incredibly, incredibly handsome! Dressed in a high end white shirt, black tuxedo, and black bow tie, the man owned black, loosely swept back…

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  1. Thanks I downloaded it. I don’t know when I have time to read it.